Teaching stained glass

The stained glass and the Tiffany objectsturned to their renaissance again in Hungary too.
People would like to decorate their homes according to their tastes, style and needs. In he last 5 years also in Hungary several well equiped shops has been opened to supply the interested people in this field.
Unfortunately the ready stained glass objects are quite expensive therefore not everybody can afford to buy them. The best solution would be if the person interested in stained glass work would make the desired object by his own.

Since 2000 the Hungarian Ministry of Education started also the professional teaching in this field and the Hungarian manual book is under preparation as well.

We regularly organise stained glass working courses for small groups and for individuals as well!

The classes are geared to one-on-one instruction or small groups. The class time can be choosen by the student.
Working with stained glass is an activity giving you the satisfaction of creation while its a great recreation and the result is a valuable and admirable object..While the techniques involved in working in stained glass are exacting, the work itself is not difficult it does not need any technical pre-qualification. It requires only the willingness to learn, the patience to follow the directions and the incentive to create.

It does not require a big wokshop at the begining and the necessary equipments and tools can be purchased also for an affordable amount. Learning the process of stained glass is independent of age and sex.
Every kind of object can be fabricated only the fantasy is the limit: lampshades, window and door panels, pictures and frames, mirrors, jewel boxes, candle holders, room dividers etc., of course the most popular ones are the ones illuminated in a way.

A lot of guideliness, stained glass working studios and clubs can be found on the internet too, in English.

Tartozz jó társaságba!!